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Innovation in Secondary Education:

Joel Spolsky over at Joel on Software gives a bit of detail about how New York City is opening a new high school that will attempt to both prepare students academically for a four year college environment and teach them how to engineer computer software.

Ambitious eh?

I think that this is a fantastic idea, and I think that this sort of project, and projects similar to it (if they can be shown to be successful) will flourish given the current educational environment in the United States. A bit of the context surrounding the current educational environment is necessary though to realize the potential of such a project. Continue reading


A poem I wrote

The feeling it brings
Is unclear you see
A sense of satisfaction or self-pity?
Is melancholia the needed term?

The heart knocks, like love
But to no answer
A loss or lack is what greets
Opening that small apartment door
To a blank wall, white and unadorned